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Date: 19.09.2012
Place: Bergen, Norway
Title: Sustainable aquaculture: Research needs and perspectives for aquaculture science
Document: MARCOM Bergen 092012 Aquaculture workshop MARCOM_Bergen_092012_Aquaculture_workshop.pdf (159.9 kB)
Category: Meeting and workshop reports
Author: Adi Kellermann (ICES) and Erik Olsen (ICES)

Aquaculture is a growing maritime economy sector in response to the increasing demand for sea food, resources for producing pharmaceuticals and renewable energy. This growing sector bears potential for development and societal benefits in coastal areas. However, compliance with environmental regulations, production of feeds for aquaculture, disease control and escapees are issues at stake where marine research needs to come in and help develop options for sustainable use. The Open Session aims at providing a forum for an exchange between the aquaculture and maritime industry and their research needs and what the marine research community and ICES Expert Groups in particular can offer. Speakers from the maritime and marine communities in Europe and the Americas were invited.

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