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Date: 09.10.2012
Place: Brest, France
Title: Ocean Observing Systems and the Maritime Industry: Building partnerships
Document: MARCOM Brest Workshop 11082012 SummRec MARCOM_Brest_Workshop_11082012_SummRec.pdf (149.5 kB)
Category: Meeting and workshop reports

The workshop was held as an open event embedded in the SeaTech Week in Brest, France, on the 9 October 2012. It was organized as an event within the Framework of the Marine and Maritime Research and Technology Forum (MARCOM+). The SeaTech Week was chosen as a venue in order to attract participation from the maritime industry. However, there were competing events apparently preventing a broader involvement of the industry.

The workshop needs to be considered in a series of events, following a workshop to define the ocean observing needs for ICES (WKOOI) held earlier in 2012, and in perspective with the upcoming event within the framework of the US – IOOS 13–16 November 2012. The objective of the workshop was to identify the scope of ocean observation systems, not necessarily restricted to operational services, the objects and observation technologies available, and the potential of chemical, physical and biological observing systems for the maritime industry.

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