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Date: 30.09.2010
Title: Deliverable D 1.3 Priorities and Commonalities
Document: Deliverable 1-3 Deliverable_1-3.pdf (322.8 kB)
Category: Marine research
Author: Jan Skovgaard

In task 1.1 it was concluded that humankind is at a crossroad in the relationship with the oceans. The interaction between the population, industry, society and the seas are more intense, more varied, and create more value for Europe than ever before.

As specified in the Action plan for the Maritime Policy, a European Maritime Research Strategy is necessary to provide the interdisciplinary knowledge base to underpin the future EU Maritime Policy. The result from task 1.1, a synthesis to define the policy scene, clearly reveals a European policy scene with the need for an integrated Marine and Maritime research community.

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