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Date: 29.11.2010
Place: Zandvoort aan Zee, The Nether lands
Title: MARCOM+ 1st Interdisciplinary Dialogue Across Science / Research Infrastructure Development joint panel meeting
Document: 1st IDDAS-RID Panel meeting report 1st_IDDAS-RID_Panel_meeting_report.pdf (207.1 kB)
Category: Meeting and workshop reports
Author: Adi Kellermann and Mike Thorndyke

Adi Kellermann, the MARCOM+ coordinator, welcomed the participants to the meeting and invited them to present themselves during a tour de table.

Adi Kellermann presented the current state-of-the-art of the initiative, its background, concept, tools and progress. The introduction was followed by questions and additions. The agenda for the meeting was adopted.

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