Meeting and workshop reports

Date Title Document
09.10.2012 Ocean Observing Systems and the Maritime Industry: Building partnerships MARCOM Brest Workshop 11082012 SummRec MARCOM_Brest_Workshop_11082012_SummRec.pdf (149.5 kB)
19.09.2012 Sustainable aquaculture: Research needs and perspectives for aquaculture science MARCOM Bergen 092012 Aquaculture workshop MARCOM_Bergen_092012_Aquaculture_workshop.pdf (159.9 kB)
17.06.2011 Technology Transfer 2nd panel meeting 2ndTTpanel mtg minutes 2ndTTpanel_mtg_minutes.pdf (89.2 kB)
14.06.2011 MARCOM+ Steering Committee and Advisory Board Meeting MARCOM+ SC AB mtg minutes MARCOM+_SC_AB_mtg_minutes.pdf (97.9 kB)
04.04.2011 MARCOM+ 2nd Interdisciplinary Dialogue Across Science / Research Infrastructure Development joint panel meeting 2nd IDDAS RID mtg report 2nd_IDDAS_RID_mtg_report.pdf (187.8 kB)
24.03.2011 The Potential Uses for Video games in enhancing Governance of Marine Resources GTBG-ciesmRprt GTBG-ciesmRprt.pdf (410.6 kB)
14.02.2011 Conclusions from the first MARCOM+ Technology Transfer Panel CONCLUSIONS from 1st MARCOM+ TT Panel CONCLUSIONS_from_1st_MARCOM+_TT_Panel.pdf (263.4 kB)
14.02.2011 Policy Interface 1st panel meeting Report PIP1 Report PIP1_Report.pdf (138.7 kB)
14.02.2011 Technology Transfer 1st panel meeting Report TTP1 REPORT TTP1_REPORT.pdf (100.9 kB)
28.01.2011 D 4.2.1 “Proceedings of the First MARCOM+ Open Forum” MARCOM+ D 4.2.1 First Open Forum Proceedings MARCOM+_D_4.2.1_First_Open_Forum_Proceedings.pdf (3.1 MB)
01.01.2011 Workshops’ reports, Deliverables: 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3 CIESM Workshops report CIESM_Workshops_report.pdf (2.0 MB)
29.11.2010 MARCOM+ 1st Interdisciplinary Dialogue Across Science / Research Infrastructure Development joint panel meeting 1st IDDAS-RID Panel meeting report 1st_IDDAS-RID_Panel_meeting_report.pdf (207.1 kB)

Marine policies

Date Title Document
08.09.2011 Scientific advice to policy - Perspective from an end-user MEP Lovin MEP_Lovin.pdf (9.4 MB)
25.01.2011 Deliverable 3.1 of the MARCOM+ project MARCOM D.3.1 MARCOM_D.3.1.pdf (1.6 MB)
30.06.2010 Deliverable D1.1 Setting the Plocy Scene Deliverable D1.1 Deliverable_D1.1.pdf (415.0 kB)

Marine research

Date Title Document
17.06.2011 MARCOM+2nd TTP MARCOM+2nd TTP Adi Kellermann MARCOM+2nd_TTP_Adi_Kellermann.pdf (656.3 kB)
14.02.2011 Policy Interface Panel –1stmeeting PIP1 mtg WP4 MB-ESF PIP1_mtg_WP4_MB-ESF.pdf (756.2 kB)
30.09.2010 Deliverable D 1.3 Priorities and Commonalities Deliverable 1-3 Deliverable_1-3.pdf (322.8 kB)

Conference: 2nd IDDAS/RID presentations

Date Title Document
05.04.2011 Marine Scientific Research in the EU 2nd IDDAS RID Panel BECKER-WEINBERG LoS 2nd_IDDAS_RID_Panel_BECKER-WEINBERG_LoS.pdf (87.0 kB)
05.04.2011 Social Science aspects of Marine/Maritime Research 2nd IDDAS RID A-Diedrich 2nd_IDDAS_RID_A-Diedrich.pdf (285.9 kB)
05.04.2011 The impact of new information infrastructures in understanding and forecasting the changing coastal ocean 2nd IDDAS RID mtg SOCIB 2nd_IDDAS_RID_mtg_SOCIB.pdf (9.2 MB)
05.04.2011 Towards an integrated European Ocean Observing System 2nd IDDAS RID Panel K-Nittis EOOS 2nd_IDDAS_RID_Panel_K-Nittis_EOOS.pdf (771.9 kB)

Conference: 1st Fish and Ships Conference

Date Title Document
22.03.2012 Agenda Fish and Ships Agenda Fish_and_Ships_Agenda.pdf (235.8 kB)
22.03.2012 Case Study for marine and maritime research cooperation: Marine Renewable Energy Fish and Ships Ocean Energy Fish_and_Ships_Ocean_Energy.pdf (4.1 MB)
22.03.2012 Developmentand technologytransfer ofnewtechnologyfor marine juvenile production TTP2 TechMarineLarvaeGO TTP2_TechMarineLarvaeGO.pdf (846.5 kB)
22.03.2012 MARCOM+ / EMAR²RES concluding conference Fish and Ships MARCOM+ panel 1 Fish_and_Ships_MARCOM+_panel_1.pdf (1.6 MB)
22.03.2012 MARCOM+ / EMAR²RES concluding conference Fish and Ships MARCOM+ panel 2 Fish_and_Ships_MARCOM+_panel_2.pdf (810.6 kB)
22.03.2012 Methodological Advances in Underwater Noise Investigation Fish and Ships felli Fish_and_Ships_felli.pdf (5.6 MB)
22.03.2012 Opening Speech Fish and Ships Patricia Reilly SPEECH Fish_and_Ships_Patricia_Reilly_SPEECH.pdf (66.7 kB)
22.03.2012 Optimisation of sensor deployment for noise measurements in shallow waters Fish and Ships McKeown Fish_and_Ships_McKeown.pdf (2.5 MB)
22.03.2012 Shipping in Arctic Waters : towards an understanding of the biosecurity risks Fish and Ships Marine Research Norway Fish_and_Ships_Marine_Research_Norway.pdf (1.0 MB)
22.03.2012 Super-intensive fish farming technology - a case study of innovation TTP1 Innovation Case Study Dr Oiestad TTP1_Innovation_Case_Study_Dr_Oiestad.pdf (896.6 kB)
22.03.2012 Sustainable offshore aquaculture operations Fish and Ships Sintef Fish_and_Ships_Sintef.pdf (2.0 MB)
22.03.2012 Towards an Integrated Marine and Maritime Science and Technology Community - Transport Perspective Fish and Ships WillemL Fish_and_Ships_WillemL.pdf (872.2 kB)
22.03.2012 Transport related Marine and Maritime Research: achievements of the EMAR²RES consortium Fish and Ships Lanfranco Fish_and_Ships_Lanfranco.pdf (1.4 MB)
22.03.2012 Underwater Noise Limits Fish and Ships Fincateri Noise Fish_and_Ships_Fincateri_Noise.pdf (2.6 MB)
22.03.2012 World Ocean Council: An international, cross-sectoral industry leadership alliance WOC Holthus WOC_Holthus.pdf (1.3 MB)


Date Title Document
28.06.2011 JPI "Healthy and Productive Seas and Oceans” A New Frontier JPI Angell Hansen JPI_Angell_Hansen.pdf (1.1 MB)